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Numerous clinical trials have shown that Pazopanib is an effective medicine for combating renal cell tumors and malignant tumors of connective tissues, and at the latest stages of detection of these diseases. Clinical practice also shows that people taking Pazopanib significantly increased life expectancy, with the disease at that time not progressing, in contrast to patients who took other remedies.
This remedy suppresses the course of physiological processes by inhibiting tyrosine-specific protein kinase. It counteracts the formation of intercellular substance, which contributes to the appearance of new blood vessels, which means, reproduction, further growth and development of cancer cells.

How does the remedy Pazopanib 400 works?

The function of cells in the human body determines tyrosine-specific protein kinase. Malignant neoplasms result from improper growth and cell division, and tyrosine kinase that are scattered on their surface promote the stimulation of all new blood vessels supplying the tumor with trophic substances and oxygen. In addition, blood vessels are a kind of route through which infected cells can be moved that split off from the underlying tumor, as a result, the cancer cells migrate or metastasize to nearby tissues and organs.
The main substance of the remedy is Pazopanib 400 mg, which prevents the division and reproduction of tumor cells. The substances included in the preparation are attached, and then blocked, the receptors located on the cancer cells. As a result, the tumor cell does not receive the necessary stimulation from tyrosine kinase, which previously contributed to their proliferation.

Instructions for using of Pazopanib 400.

It is taken strictly according to the doctor’s prescription. The dosage of the remedy is also determined by the attending physician. Pazopanib is prescribed to patients:
With various kinds of soft tissue sarcoma, including those who underwent chemotherapeutic treatment.
With diagnosed malignant tumors developing from cells of epithelial tissue (renal cell carcinoma).

Contraindications to the remedy Pazopanib are absent.

With hypomagnesemia.
Taking remedies that prevent the occurrence of blood clots, as well as antiarrhythmic remedies.
Suffering from high blood pressure.
With minor or severe impairment of liver function.
With acute or chronic disruption of the heart, due to insufficient blood supply to organs and tissues, suffering from angina pectoris, as well as patients who underwent heart attacks or strokes.
With violations of the heart rate.
With insufficient content of thyroid hormones.
Postponed perforation of the intestine, duodenum or stomach.

Efficiency of use

The effectiveness of the application and the safety profile of Pazopanib 400 in the treatment of cancerous tumors was investigated for a clinical trial called PALETTE. In its course, Pazopanib 400 demonstrated an increase in the survival of patients without progressing pathology by almost 3-fold compared with patients in the control group. Thanks to such results, the drug was approved by the FDA and the European Commission.

The course of treatment with the remedy should be determined by an oncologist after a thorough diagnosis. Typically, the prescribed daily dose of patients is 800 milligrams, and this dosage is recommended for both therapeutic treatment of sarcomas and carcinomas. The doctor has the right to change the dosage in cases where patients experience a surge in side effects that threaten his health and life.


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