Sildigra CT-7

Sildenafil 100mg flavored chewable tablets by Dharam Distributors

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Sildigra CT-7 contains the active component called Sildenafil citrate 100 mg (the same as in the original Viagra). Sildigra CT-7 has proved its effectiveness in 97% of cases. The drug helps you achieve erection, necessary to perform the sexual act and remove erectile dysfunction (impotency).

Sildigra is available in the form of capsules, quickly absorbed in the stomach. Therefore, Sildigra CT-7 absorbs faster and start acting sooner. The pills are colorful; they have a pleasant taste. The package contains 7 pills. The effect lasts 4-5 hours, during which the erection comes at the right moment. Sildigra CT-7 is effective only if there is a sexual stimulation.

What you should know before use

You should remember that it is necessary to consult the doctor before starting the treatment with male enhancement pills. Men suffering from heart diseases (or those who have recently had a stroke or a heart attack) shouldn’t use the drug. You should also make sure that you’re not allergic to the active substance of Sildigra CT-7 (Sildenafil citrate). The drug is not recommended to the men who can’t engage in physical activity (or those who have low arterial pressure). You should consult the doctor about the use of this drug, if you have kidney/liver or retinal diseases.

Take 1 pill (with enough water) 30-40 minutes before sexual act. The recommended dose is one pill a day. It is important to remember and understand that you can’t exceed the daily dose, and the pill must be taken whole at a time. Unlike other analogs of Viagra, Sildigra CT-7 can be taken with meal. At that, it doesn’t reduce the effectiveness of active substance. However, you should note that it’s not recommended to mix the drug with alcohol.


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