Sildisoft 100

Sildenafil 100mg mint-flavored soft chewable tablets by Sunrise Remedies

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Sildisoft 100 qualitatively eliminates the problem of weak potency due to the active component called Sildenafil. It blocks the substances stimulating the blood flow from the penis, which drastically reduces potency. Sildisoft-100 is the soft version of regular sildenafil tablets which contains the mint flavor. The main distinction of SOFT pills is a fast effect thanks to the rapid absorption of active components directly in the mouth.

Why should you buy Sildisoft 100?

Benefits of Sildisoft 100:

– fast absorption of the drug (on average, the drug starts acting 20 minutes after the intake. Compare: Viagra that also contains Sildenafil starts acting within 30-60 minutes);
the pill doesn’t crumble when you divide it (you can use ½ of a pill if 100 mg is a high dose for you);
– pleasant taste;
– it absorbs under the tongue (it is perfect for those who don’t like the pills);
– alcohol and fat food don’t affect the drug absorption. Therefore, heavy dinner and moderate amount of strong drinks won’t affect the quality of sex;
– reduction in time required for the body’s recovery after the sexual act;
– the drug increases the sensitivity of sexual organ;
– demonstrated effectiveness. 96% of men who bought Sildenafil Soft (Sildisoft 100) received stable erection and increase in the duration of sexual act (twice!)

Who and how should use Sildisoft 100?

This drug is intended for the men over the age of 18. The recommended initial dosage of Sildisoft 100 is 50 mg (put ½ of a pill under the tongue). If necessary, the dose can be reduced to 25 mg or increased to 100 mg.

Men over the age of 60 and patients with kidney/liver diseases or increased blood pressure should take the drug with caution. Sildisoft 100 is quite safe; only 3% of men experience side effects from its use. The side effects include vertigo, sickness, skin reddening and nasal congestion.


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