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Sildenafil 100mg tablets by Shree Venkatesh

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Silditop 100 increases the blood flow to the male sexual organ. Silditop 100 affect the natural body functions, increasing erection and making it longer and more stable. The time of action of Silditop 100 is different in different persons (at least 4 hours from the drug intake). It is recommended to use the drug 30 minutes before the supposed sexual act. Silditop 100 can be taken every day, but no more than once a day. Sexual arousal is necessary to achieve the effect from Silditop 100.

Silditop 100 is the most popular drug for erectile dysfunction. Its active substance is Sildenafil. Most men prefer this drug due to its safety and efficiency. An unconditional advantage of Silditop 100 is that erection grows based on the natural sexual arousal (and not medical, as when you use injections). Moreover, the use of Silditop 100 increases libido, and therefore erection due to its mental relaxation and absence of anxiety.

During the many years of its existence on the pharmaceutical market, Silditop 100 has rightly won the first place among the male enhancement drugs.

Silditop 100 must be taken 45-60 minutes before sex. Take it with boiled or treated warm water. During the first use, it is recommended to divide the pill into two parts. Then (if necessary), you should increase dose. The effect of active substance manifests half an hour after the drug intake. The duration of action is up to 6 hours.


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