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Tadalafil 20mg Oral Strips

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The pharmaceutical composition of Tadalia Strips is no different from Cialis; it is available in the form of plates with a taste effect. It is necessary to place a plate of the preparation under the tongue and wait for rapid resorption, which ensures the fastest and most comfortable absorption of Tadalafil by the body. It starts to act 10 minutes after taking, and the effect lasts more than 36 hours. Tadalia Strips is the trade name of the international medical drug Tadalafil.
The blood flows to the penis of the male after receiving the plate and, under the influence of external stimuli, a qualitative erection occurs. Tadalia Strips is valid up to 36 hours, during which it is possible to master many sexual contacts.

After taking the strip of Tadalia Strips increased blood flow to the penis of a man begins and after sexual stimulation a qualitative erection comes. Tadalia Strips is valid until 36 hours, during which several sexual contacts are possible. Spontaneous erection does not occur, all processes are natural. The dosage of the drug Tadalia Strips is prescribed by the doctor after the examination. Tadalia Strips is taken no more often than once a day. Usually start with ½ of a strip (10 mg) and if this dose does not help, increase it to 1 strip (20 mg). The drug is taken 15-20 minutes before sexual intercourse.
Features of Tadalia Strips:
It is well absorbed by the body.
The rapid onset of the result compared with the usual Tadalia Strips.
Valid more than 24 hours.
You can combine it with fat food and alcohol.


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