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Tadalafil 20mg Oral Strips

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Among the remedies that help men to solve problems with potency, Tastylia Strips takes a special place. Distinguish its rapid onset of action, a long period of operation and ease of using. Today this is the only remedy that starts to work for 10-20 minutes and retains its effect for 36 hours. Judging by the reviews of Tastylia Strips, people are very comfortable with this scheme of the remedy, because they can take the remedy, for example, in the morning and be fully armed all day.

What will a man who decides to take Tastylia Strips have?
The remedy Tastylia Strips is a medication that is available in the form of instant plates with a pleasant mint or fruity taste. The active substance of the remedy is Tadalafil.

Advantages of Tastylia Strips:
– rapid dissolution of the tablet in the oral cavity;
– fast and long-lasting action;
– good tolerability;
– independence from the intake of alcohol and fatty food.

The cost of the original remedy is high enough, so not everyone can afford such a purchase. Choosing Tastylia Strips, feedback about which among Internet users is only positive, it is possible to get a remedy with the same effect, but at a more democratic price. Having the same active substance, Tastylia Strips can differ only in the form of the tablet, its color and taste.

How Tastylia Strips works
Dissolving in the oral cavity, Tadalafil is quickly absorbed and gives the desired effect (much faster than tablets that need to be swallowed). Also, this method of using makes it possible to take small doses of alcohol and fatty food, which is prohibited when taking other similar tablets. Further, Tadalafil helps to relax the arteries located in the penis, increasing the flow of blood into this zone. As a result, a healthy erection occurs within 15 minutes after taking the remedy. Therefore, many men are trying to take Tastylia Strips, not by hearsay familiar with erectile dysfunction.

Contraindications of Tastylia Strips
There are several situations in which taking Tastylia Strips is forbidden. These include:
– the age under 18 years;
– individual intolerance to Tadalafil;
– simultaneous intake of remedies containing nitrates (erynit, nitroglycerin, nitration).

Side effects that can occur when taking Tastylia Strips
The minor side effects of Tastylia Strips are similar to those of conventional Cialis. These include:
– headache;
– muscle pain;
– backache;
– nasal congestion;
– problems with digestion.

It is a convenient, effective, high-speed, modern medicine that works for 36 hours. Due to its undeniable advantages, Tastylia Strips has already acquired an army of fans, which helped to significantly improve relations with the opposite sex.


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