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Description of Tasigna 150 mg.

Tasigna 150 mg is an antitumor drug used for targeted therapy of chronic myeloid leukemia. This form of leukemia is characterized by fast and uncontrolled proliferation of myeloid cells in the bone marrow and release of them into the blood. The study of this disease first clearly showed a direct relationship of malignant disease with a genetic abnormality. The active substance of Tasigna was developed on the basis of these data. The description of the drug notices that this is nilotinib.

Brief instructions on the use of Tasigna 150 mg

The instruction to the drug states that Nilotinib specifically inhibits the activity of genetically modified protein in relation to tyrosine kinase. Thus, the normal cycle of division of tumor cells with a modified gene is disrupted, and this leads to their death. Timely treatment allows achieving a significant prolongation of relatively favorable course of the disease and delaying its transition to a deadly blast crisis. The product is produced by the well-known European Novartis Pharma manufacturer, which guarantees high quality products.

The drug is taken orally. The maximum concentration in the blood is achieved within 3 hours after reception. The main part of the drug is excreted along with the feces. The drug is prescribed by a doctor specialized in the chemotherapy treatment of malignant tumors or oncohematologist. The drug is taken twice a day, with an interval of 12 hours. It is recommended to observe the mode of eating to improve the digestibility of the drug. It is not recommended to eat within two hours before taking the drug and one hour after the reception. The recommended dose for primary use is 300 milligrams per day. If necessary, the dose is increased to 400 milligrams. The treatment with the drug is carried out as long as there is a positive clinical and laboratory-diagnostic response of the patient’s body to the treatment.

Side effects of Tasigna 150 mg are the inhibition of erythropoiesis, leukopoiesis and a decrease in the number of platelets in the blood. In this regard, you should maintain constant laboratory monitoring of these indicators in the course of treatment. When they are reduced to critical levels, medical or transfusion correction of the blood content of white and red blood cells and platelets are required. Other recorded side effects such as weakness, fatigue, nausea, etc. They do not require specific treatment and are corrected symptomatically. The drug is cardiotoxic, therefore it is mandatory to control the electrocardiogram of a patient before the treatment and during it. It is also necessary to monitor the ion – electrolyte balance of peripheral blood.


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