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Tasigna 200 mg is intended for the treatment of adults suffering from chronic Philadelphia chromosome–positive chronic myeloid leukemia. The efficiency of this drug depends mostly on hematologic and cytogenetic response rates.

Tasigna 200 mg is intended for the therapy of chronic myeloid leukemia in adults with a resistance or intolerance to the previous treatment with Imatinib. The efficiency of this drug depends on the molecular response and cytogenetic response rates.
Nilotinib falls within the group of the anti-cancer medications drugs like antineoplastics (especially to the group of drugs known as protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors). Nilotinib is intended for the treatment of adult patients with chronic (long-term) or quickly growing types of CML, which is called Philadelphia chromosome positive. It should be taken after the failure of other treatments (for example, Imatinib), or if the other medications have caused severe adverse effects.

Essential information

Don’t take Tasigna if you suffer from long QT syndrome, or if you suffer from hypokalemia (low potassium) or hypomagnesemia (low level of magnesium in blood).

Tasigna can lead to severe heart disorders, particularly if you combine it with the other drugs. Inform your physician about any other medications you’re taking. It is important to test your heart function prior and throughout the treatment with Tasigna 200 mg.

How to use Tasigna?

Tasigna 200 mg should be taken twice a day (once every twelve hours). Always stick to the doctor’s prescriptions. Avoid changing the dose of this drug without your doctor’s approval.

Take Tasigna without eating (one hour before or two hours after eating). Never take it during the meal.

Adverse effects

Seek immediate medical assistance if you notice the symptoms of an allergic response, such as: rash; breathing problems; swollen face, etc.
Consult your physician at once or call the emergency if you notice the signs of a severe heart disease: increased heart rate and sudden vertigo (like before passing out).

Drug interactions

Tasigna 200 mg may trigger a severe heart disorder, particularly if you combine it with the following drugs: antibacterials, antifungal drugs, medications for the treatment of depression, drugs to prevent malaria, asthma medications, neuroleptics, cancer drugs, specific HIV/AIDS drugs, anti-hypersensitive drugs, or antiemetics.


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