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The medicinal preparation Temodar100mg is intended for treatment of tumors of various etiology and further recovery of cells of the body.

Indications for taking

The initial multiform glioblastoma as part of complex therapy,
Recurrent phase of glioma of malignant type,
Progressive anaplastic astrocytoma, at the end of the classical treatment regimens,
Malignant melanoma with metastases of a widespread nature (Temodar preparation in this case is a means of choosing the first row).

Contraindications of the remedy

Temodar 100mg is not recommended for use in cases of hypersensitivity to temozolomide, dacarbazine, ancillary components.

Temodar 100mg is contraindicated in the following conditions:

– myelosuppressive states of pronounced type,
– malignant glioma with relapses or with the progression of the disease (children up to 36 months),
– the initial multiform glioblastoma (in children and adolescents),
– malignant melanoma (in children and adolescents),
– intolerance to glucose, galactose, lactase deficiency.

The period of pregnancy and breastfeeding

Preparations based on temozolomide are categorically contraindicated for pregnant women. Before the start of Temodar therapy, pregnancy should be excluded.

The remedy Temodar 100mg is not recommended when breastfeeding. If Temodar treatment is for the vital need, breastfeeding is stopped.

Mode of application

Capsules of Temodar is taken orally an hour before meals. Tablets do not chew and do not divide – appoint such dosages that it was necessary to use the minimum quantity of capsules. The tablets are washed down with a plenty of water.

Adverse Reactions

Temodar 100mg can cause patients to defeat all organs and systems of the body. The most frequent reactions are: infectious organ and system damage, anemia, hemorrhages, hypertension, pneumonia, CNS and gastrointestinal system disorders, shortness of breath, speech disorder, phobia of light, hallucinations.
Rarely on the background of therapy with Temodar-100 mg, pneumonia associated with pneumocysts can develop, sometimes the appearance of a myelodysplastic syndrome, as well as malignant processes of a secondary nature. The remedy can provoke aplastic anemia, infertility irreversible character.


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