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Temodar 250mg is an oral anticancer cytostatic drug, manufactured by Merck – the well-known USA manufacturer. The drugs of this company are distinguished by guaranteed high quality and balanced price. It is produced synthetically and is a derivative of tetrazine. The active ingredient of the drug is Temozolomide.

The drug has a pronounced immunosuppressive and antitumor effect. After oral reception, it is absorbed into the systemic bloodstream from the gastrointestinal tract and converted into a cytotoxic metabolite, which disintegrates the cell cycle and causes its death by acting on cellular structures at the DNA level. Temodar 250mg penetrates the blood-brain barrier and penetrates the cerebrospinal fluid. This feature of the drug can explain its widespread use in case of brain tumors. First of all, these are glioblastoma and astrocytoma. The drug is also used in malignant melanoma, complicated by widespread metastases. The drug is used in children. Temodar can be prescribed to children up to three years old in case of tumors of the brain and up to 18 years in case of malignant melanoma.

Temodar 250mg is not prescribed to pregnant women and nursing mothers due to available data on embryotoxic and teratogenic effects. The main severe side effects during treatment with Temodar include significant myelosuppression. Patients are prescribed to have a dynamic observation of peripheral blood indices to prevent it and correct it in a timely manner. Other side effects are not of a specific nature and require a standard symptomatic treatment. The drug should be used with caution in patients older than seventy years, as well as in the presence of severe hepatic and renal insufficiency. During the treatment with Temodar it is not contraindicated to maintain synchronous implementation of radiological treatment-radiation therapy on the affected area. Dosing of the drug is carried out by a specialist in the field of chemotherapy of malignant tumors and is calculated based on the total surface area of the body. The usual treatment regimen consists of six consecutive four-week cycles. After five days of taking the drug, a 23-day recovery period with a control study of erythrocyte and leukocyte counts is carried out.


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