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Generic Tenofovir (Tenvir) must be taken in combination with other antiretroviral drugs to treat HIV-1 infection in adult people and children over the age of 2. This drug is also intended for the therapy of chronic hepatitis B in adults and kids over the age of twelve.

Tenvir pills are produced by Cipla Ltd. in the dosage of 300 mg.
Tenvir 300mg falls within the group of antiviral medications called reverse transcriptase inhibitors. It is taken in conjunction with other drugs for the treatment of HIV infection. It is also intended for the treatment of long-lasting HBV infection. Tenvir 300 mg acts by preventing the replication of the virus and its ability to infect the other hepatic cells.

Tenofovir, the active substance of this drug, is an antiviral medication that falls within the group of nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs). Its structure is similar to the natural structure of viral DNA, which allows it to introduce itself into the viral DNA. Tenofovir impedes enzymes responsible for the replication of the virus. This drug prevents the activity of an essential viral enzyme, stopping the virus from spreading. Patients who suffer from HBV can use Tenvir 300mg (even if they don’t have HIV).

The common dose for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B or HIV-1 in adult people and children over the age of 12 (or those weighing 35 kg or more) is 300 mg once a day orally (irrespective of the mealtime).

Usual dose for the treatment of HIV-1 in children from 2 to 12 years old (or those weighing 17-35 kg) is one Tenvir pill (150, 200, 250 or 300 mg depending on your weight) once a day orally (irrespective of the mealtime).

Lactic acidosis and liver enlargement with fatty change (steatosis), including lethal outcomes were caused by the use of nucleoside analogs, (such as Tenofovir) in combination with other ARTs.
Severe acute exacerbations of hepatitis B have been registered in patients with HBV who have stopped the anti-hepatitis B treatment (such as tenofovir disoproxil fumarate). Liver function must be monitored carefully for about a few months in patients who stopped anti-hepatitis B treatment (such as tenofovir). If necessary, anti-hepatitis B treatment may be resumed.

Lactic acidosis (accumulation of lactic acid in your bloodstream) can occur in some patients taking Tenvir 300 mg or any nucleoside analogs. Lactic acidosis is a severe disease that can cause death. This condition may be difficult to reveal early, as its symptoms can remind the symptoms of other diseases.


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