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Viread 300 mg falls within the group of drugs called antiretrovirals. This drug is used in combination with other antiretroviral medications for the treatment of the HIV infection. Human immunodeficiency virus is the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). HIV virus destroys CD4 (T) cells, which can negatively affect the immune system, responsible for fighting the infections.

Viread 300 mg belongs to the group of ARTs (antiretroviral drugs) called nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs). Reverse transcriptase forms a part of HIV necessary to infect cells and help the virus replicate. Tenofovir prevents this enzyme from functioning properly, thereby reducing the amount of HIV virus in the body. Even though Tenofovir can’t cure AIDS, it can prevent the disease from progressing.

Viread 300 mg is also intended for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B. It blocks the enzymes responsible for the replication of hepatitis B from functioning properly. The drug can decrease the amount of above-mentioned virus in the blood by lowering the ability of the virus to reproduce and infect the other hepatic cells.

The common dose of Viread is 300 mg (1 pill) once a day orally, irrespective of the mealtime. This drug can interact with other HIV/AIDS drugs, methotrexate, lithium, analgesics or arthritis drugs, medications for the treatment of UC (ulcerative colitis), drugs intended for the prevention of organ transplant rejection, intravenous antibiotics, antiviral drugs, or injectable drugs for the treatment of Paget’s disease of bone or osteoporosis. Inform your physician about all drugs and herbals supplements you’re taking. This drug is considered safe for a fetus; however, HIV can spread to the unborn baby if the mother doesn’t get the necessary treatment during pregnancy.

For the therapy of chronic hepatitis B or HIV infection in adult people, the common dose of Tenofovir is 300 mg once a day (irrespective of the mealtime). You may have to reduce the dosage if you suffer from renal failure.

The common dose of Viread 300 mg for the treatment of HIV in teenagers (over the age of 12) and the patients weighing more than 35 kg is 300 mg once a day (irrespective of the mealtime).

Vertigo, diarrhea, head pain, or sleeping disorder may happen. If any of these symptoms persist or get worse, inform your physician at once.

Your physician may prescribe you this drug if he/she thinks that the benefit outweighs the risk of adverse effects. Most patients using this drug don’t experience severe adverse effects.
When your immune system grows stronger, it may start to fight the existing infections, possibly making disease symptoms to return. Moreover, you can have symptoms if your immune system gets overactive. This reaction can happen at any time (soon after the beginning of HIV therapy or several months later).


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