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Toptada 20, the main active ingredient of which is Tadalafil, to date can be safely called the best way to strengthen potency, which is used by millions of men around the world and get a really powerful result. After all, today only Toptada 20 is able to show such unbeatable effectiveness and duration of action, which is not 4 hours like Viagra and not even 6-8 as Levitra, but for 36 hours!

Do I need a prescription in order to buy a Toptada 20?
If you have no contraindications to taking of the remedy, then Toptada 20 you can safely start taking and without a prescription. However, the manufacturer himself strongly recommends that before starting the using of the remedy you need the doctor’s consultation and get a prescription for the purchase of the remedy. You can read the contraindications below.

Acceptance of the remedy is prohibited:
– for men under the age of 18;
– in the presence of cardiovascular diseases;
– after a stroke or infarction;
– if the liver or kidney is broken;
– for women.

Possible side effects after taking the remedy
Taking of Toptada 20, as well as taking any other remedy does not exclude the occurrence of possible side effects. The most possible can be:
– redness of the face;
– nasal congestion;
– headache;
slight dizziness;
– backache.

The above reactions are quite rare, and when they occur they are mild.
Toptada 20 – optimal dosage.
The most optimal dosage of the remedy for you can be selected only by a specialist. However, the recommended daily dosage is one Toptada 20 mg tablet, which can be adjusted for both smaller and larger side, but not more than 40 mg of Tadalafil per day.

What can I expect after taking the remedy?
Having taken the Toptada 20 tablet, after 30-40 minutes you will feel a slight rush of blood to your face and pleasant warmth in the groin, which means that the remedy has started its work and you are ready for new sexual discoveries. However, do not forget that the erection after the using of the remedy cannot come by itself, and to obtain it necessarily requires sexual arousal.

So, what is the main advantage of Toptada 20?
As already mentioned above, Toptada 20 has not only excellent efficacy, but also a colossal duration of action, compared to which most other remedies for normalizing potency even “do not stand nearby”. Plus, Cialis has a minimal number of possible side effects, and simultaneous use of alcohol has virtually no effect on the effectiveness of this remedy, which certainly cannot be said, for example, about the same Viagra. And of course the dosage.
For any average man, 20 mg of the pill will be enough to get maximum effectiveness, when you cannot do without the dosage in whole FIVE times the recommended dosage of Toptada 20 when taking Viagra.


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