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How to use Tretinoin against acne correctly.

Despite the huge amount of positive feedback on the effectiveness of the remedy against acne, there are people who are strongly dissatisfied with the result. They did not receive any result, or, on the contrary, aggravated the situation. Such a situation does take place, but it has its own logical explanation.
There are two possible reasons:
Unsuitable form of the remedy for the concentration of active substances. Retinoic acid is a fairly strong and active substance. Therefore, if it is more in the composition of the selected cream – this does not mean that the tool will be more useful and effective. Regardless of the specific goals of using the cream, any treatment should be started with a remedy in which the concentration does not exceed 0,05%. Otherwise, there may be complications in the form of redness of the skin, peeling, itching and so on. Of course, there can be no question of any positive impact in this case.

Incorrect frequency of taking. When starting treatment, apply the cream no more often than once a day. And some doctors recommend generally the first few weeks to apply ointment to the skin every other day. Of course, the specific frequency depends on which pathology you are fighting.

Wrong choice of the remedy itself. Before taking you should carefully read the indications for using. First of all, be sure to take into account the fact that in solitary form the remedy is intended solely for the treatment of acne in the initial or intermediate stages of development. Only in combination with other remedies, Tretinoin 0,05% can give a result in the treatment of other diseases. For example, for the treatment of acne and acne, retinoic acid should be used simultaneously only in combination with benzoyl-based remedies.
Tretinoin 0,05% in the first weeks of treatment can adversely affect the overall condition of the skin. At the same time, the result in terms of getting rid of acne is clearly visible. Therefore, do not rush to draw conclusions if you notice that the color of the dermis has worsened or the cover has become decrepit. The effect will pass in a few days. By the way, there are times when Tretinoin 0,050% does not cause a negative reaction.

How to use the cream Tretinoin.

Regardless of what specifically you use this cream, use it only once a day. Given the consistency and other physical parameters of the remedy, it is recommended to use Tretinoin at night before sleeping. The substance adheres well to the skin and is not erased by light contact with the tissue. To process the entire area of the face is enough a ball of cream, a diameter of 5 millimeters.


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