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Indications for topical application

accelerates the removal of dead cells, which can remain on the skin with aging, provoking pigmentation and reducing the smoothness and velvety;
the production of collagen and elastin cells responsible for elasticity increases;
increases the amount of hyaluronic acid responsible for moisturizing;
slowing down mutational and fading processes in cells, resulting from exposure to sunlight and the environment;
there is a recovery of all blood vessels for the supply of nutrients and vitamins;
prevents hyperpigmentation caused by exposure to the sun, trauma, hormones and age.

Precautionary measures.

The remedy can quickly ignite, so it should be used away from open hearths with fire.
You should keep Retino-A away from children in a specially designated place at a temperature of not more than +50.
Do not heat the tube, which prevents it from exploding and igniting.
Completely cork the tube after applying the drug to avoid getting into it bacteria and dirt.
Do not apply if serious side effects occur.
When passing therapy, reduce the time spent in the open sun.
When sunburn does not apply the remedy until the final healing of damaged skin.
If necessary, work in the open sun must cover the affected areas and use protective cosmetics.
Try to be less on the street during windy and cool weather.
You should use the cream with caution, protecting the eyes, mouth and mucous membranes.
When the remedy is used, erythema may manifest, as well as a slight peeling.
In the presence of constant discomfort, it is necessary to reduce the dose of the active substance or completely to abolish the remedy.
When the specimen appears, it is more cautious to use the remedy.
Retino-A cannot be used at the same time with usual or aggressive soap, with waste products that cause excessive dryness of the skin, with cosmetics that have alcohol in their composition.
During therapy, it is necessary to reduce your diet, removing from it seasonings, oranges, lime, lemon and pomelo.


Long-term experiments have shown the safety of applying Retino-A in accordance with the recommended dosages. During the treatment it is desirable to avoid sunlight.


Experiences in this category of patients were not conducted. The application of a cream or gel during the gestation period of a child is shown only with the real benefit of the mother and no harm to the child.


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