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Indications for taking of the Tretinoin 0,25.

Acute promyelocytic leukemia (for the induction of remission / temporary relaxation or elimination of disease manifestations) both in patients who have not received previous therapy or in relapses (repeated appearance of signs of the disease) or refractory to standard therapy (rubomycinum or cytarabine). For topical application – vulgar acne, including with the formation of comedones (sebaceous plugs in the mouth of hair follicles), papules, pustules (bubbles on the skin, filled with pus), drain acne, Favre-Racouchot disease (nodular cystic skin elastosis with comedones).

Mode of application.

Tretinoin 0,25 can be prescribed only by a doctor who has experience in the treatment of hematological and oncological diseases. The recommended daily dose is 45 mg / m square body surface in two divided doses for all patients, including elderly and children. Treatment is continued for 30-90 days until a complete remission is achieved. Then a standard course of chemotherapy with cytostatics (means suppressing cell division) is prescribed, which fixes the achieved remission. It is possible the development of relapse of leukemia in 2-4 months after discontinuation of treatment with the remedy.

When administered orally to prevent “retinoic acid syndrome,” which includes fever (sudden increase in body temperature), shortness of breath, acute respiratory distress (severe breathing disorder), pulmonary infiltrate (pulmonary tissue tightening), hyperleukocytosis (extremely high white blood cell count) , arterial hypotension (lowering blood pressure), pleural effusion (fluid accumulation between the membranes of the lungs), renal and hepatic insufficiency (possibly also damage to other organs and systems) with significant increasing the number of white blood cells or the appearance of other symptoms of this syndrome appoint full chemotherapy in adequate doses. Women of childbearing age need to use effective methods of contraception (prevention of pregnancy), at least a month before the start of treatment, during therapy and one month after discontinuation of the remedy. Treatment is prescribed for 2-3 days of the normal menstrual cycle. Two weeks before the start of treatment, the absence of pregnancy should be confirmed by laboratory tests. Such tests should be carried out once a month.

In case of external taking of the remedy, you should to avoid contact with eyes, mouth, mucous membranes; In case of contact, wash eyes with water immediately. It is recommended to avoid sun exposure during treatment. Patients who have sunburn, you can begin treatment after weakening the tan. In the first week of treatment, the appearance of acne may increase, which is due to the effect of the remedy on deep-seated acne that was not visible before the treatment.


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