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Full list of applications of Retin-A 0,025.

Comedones, blackheads, acne vulgaris (including with the formation of comedones, papules, pustules, draining acne), follicular keratosis, flat warts, Fordis granules, senile wrinkles, scars, horny skin, skin cancer (eliminates early pre-cancerous changes skin), the effects of sunburn, senile pigmentation of the skin, treatment and reduction of stretch marks, treatment of baldness of the skin. When ingested, in the form of capsules, Retin- A 0,025 is used to treat leukemia.

Contraindications of Retin-A.

Hypersensitivity to vitamin A, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, fresh sunburn, an abnormally high number of blood leukocytes, with the use of Retin- A 0,025, is strictly forbidden hair removal by waxing.

There may be side effects of Retin A.

Allergic reactions (from moderate to severe) – tingling, flushing, burning, swelling at the site of application, photosensitivity; hypopigmentation of the skin, peeling and dryness of the skin, with abundant use – the formation of blisters or crusts.

Dosage and administration: externally, applied to the skin in a very thin layer (the gel and cream are applied with a finger, lotion and solution with a cotton swab) one time a day before going to bed, left on the skin for 6 hours, washed with running water in the morning. If necessary, the frequency of application is increased up to 2 times a day. For persons with light and dry skin, the exposure time of the remedy at the beginning of treatment is 30 minutes, then it can be gradually increased, and for a sensitive skin, a concentration of 0.05% or 0.025% is recommended. During the treatment, it is allowed to carefully remove completely softened comedones and pustules. The duration of treatment depends on the type of pathology: in the treatment of vulgar acne the therapeutic effect comes in 2-3 weeks, in most cases – in 6-7 weeks; the best clinical result is achieved after 3 months of therapy; when treating adverse events from exposure to sunlight – after 4-24 weeks. For preventive purposes – once a week, after a warm bath. Treatment of flat warts begins with weak concentrations of tretinoin, in the absence of clinical effect, both the concentration of the remedy and the frequency of its use are increased (in the absence of skin irritation phenomena).

Sometimes, the simultaneous administration of oral isotretinoin and the local form of tretinoin is recommended for the treatment of vulgar acne, in this case, if adverse effects occur, either reduce the dose of one of the retinoids or cancel it until the disappearance of undesirable phenomena. In the treatment of follicular keratosis, irritation symptoms can be reduced by simultaneous administration of local GCS. For the treatment of vulgar acne, the use of tretinoin in the form of a gel is desirable. Tretinoin as a monotherapy is used to treat vulgar acne of the first and second degrees of severity. In more severe cases, a combination of tretinoin with antibiotics (local and systemic) or benzoyl peroxide is recommended to enhance the therapeutic effect.


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