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Pharmacological action of the Retin-A 0,1.

According to the instructions, Retin-A 0,1 accelerates the maturation of skin cells lining the excretory portions of hair follicles. Collecting, these cells overlap the bulb outlet and block the outflow of gland secretions, resulting in inflammation on the skin.

Dosing and administration of the remedy:

External, apply to the affected area in a very thin layer (the gel and cream are applied with a finger, lotion and solution with a cotton swab) one time a day in the evening before going to bed, left on the skin for 6 hours, after which it is necessary to wash with running water; if necessary, the multiplicity of the application is increased up to two times a day.

For people with light and dry skin, the exposure time of the remedy at the beginning of treatment is 30 minutes, then it can be gradually increased. During the treatment, it is allowed to carefully remove completely softened comedones and pustules.

The duration of treatment depends on the type of pathology: in the treatment of vulgar acne the therapeutic effect comes in 2-3 weeks, in most cases – in 6-7 weeks; the best clinical result is achieved after three months of therapy; when treating adverse events from exposure to sunlight – after 4-24 weeks.

Treatment of flat warts begins with weak concentrations of tretinoin, in the absence of clinical effect, both the concentration of the remedy and the frequency of its use are increased (in the absence of skin irritation phenomena).

According to the instructions Retin-A 0,1 is contraindicated in: rosacea; acute eczema; acute inflammatory processes on the skin. In case of a strong burning sensation, it is necessary to increase the interval between application of the preparation. During the first week of treatment, the appearance of acne can increase, which is due to the effect of the remedy on acne deep inside, which had not previously been seen. The best therapeutic effect of applying Retin-A on reviews is achieved after 8-12 weeks of treatment. Side effects According to reviews Retin-A 0,1 is well tolerated by patients. Some patients may experience intense reddening of the skin, swelling, blisters and skin rash. If these side effects occur, it is necessary to interrupt treatment until the integrity of the skin is restored.

Special instructions

Avoid contact with Retin-A on mucous membranes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them with water.


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