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Features of the remedy

Referring to the group of systemic retinoids, tretinoin can be considered an inducer of cellular differentiation.
Its action begins from the moment of reception.
In the form of capsules, gel and ointment, this external agent also copes well with external manifestations of dermatological diseases, acting on the upper layer of the epidermis without adversely affecting the healthy areas of the skin.

On the market, also presented as a solution and a lotion for external taking, Tretinoin 0,1 has performed well in complex treatment. When these two options of the preparation are applied, a particularly high level of absorbency is noted, which is especially important for advanced stages of dermatological diseases. The instructions for taking applied to the remedy allow you to independently create the most optimal scheme of treatment, and to seek the help of a dermatologist who, after carrying out a number of necessary laboratory tests, will give recommendations for treatment. The introduction of adjustments to the treatment regimen will allow obtaining the most pronounced positive result with the minimal amount of adverse events.
The dosage and duration of administration of Tretinoin 0,1, both in the form of cream, lotion, ointment, gel and solution, depend on the diagnosis, the degree of susceptibility of the organism to the effect and the sensitivity of the organism to the active component of the preparation.
In most cases, the remedy in question is well tolerated even by people with high sensitivity and a tendency to allergic reactions, but it is recommended to be under the supervision of a doctor throughout the treatment period.

Composition of Tretinoin 0,1

The active substance of Tretinoin 0,1 in any dosage form is transretinic acid. It is presented in the form of a crystalline substance with a characteristic smell of flowering plants.
The content of the active ingredient in various dosage forms may vary insignificantly, but even with a decrease in its percentage in a certain form it does not affect the degree of effectiveness of the remedy. The choice of the type of the remedy is determined by the sensitivity of the organism to it, the absence of side skin manifestations when used.

Pharmacological effects of Tretinoin 0,1

The remedy Tretinoin 0,1 belongs to the group of agents with pronounced anti-inflammatory, regenerating and anti-recommending effects. With a comprehensive approach (taking of the remedy in several types), the degree of effectiveness of the treatment is significantly raised, it becomes possible to eliminate the external manifestations of the majority of lesions, even in advanced stages, or current in chronic form.


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