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Manufactured by Gilead Sciences, Vemlidy (Tenofovir Alafenamide) is intended for the therapy of HBV with compensated liver disease in adults.

In 2016, FDA approved Vemlidy for the treatment of hepatitis B.

Description of Vemlidy 25 mg

Vemlidy is an antiviral drug used for the prevention the hepatitis B virus from replication.

Vemlidy is intended for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B infection in adult patients suffering from compensated cirrhosis.

Vemlidy is used to treat chronic hepatitis B, while Viread can treat HIV-1 infection and chronic hepatitis B.

Vemlidy is available in the form of 25mg pill. You should take it once a day during the meal. If you suffer from kidney diseases, your doctor may advise you to take Vemlidy less frequently. If you’re using certain drugs, which interact with Vemlidy, you may needs the dosage correction.
Important information

Avoid combining Vemlidy 25 mg with adefovir (Hepsera) or the drugs that contain tenofovir (for example, Genvoya, Odefsey Atripla or Complera).

Avoid stopping the treatment before consulting your physician. If you’ve ever suffered from hepatitis B, stopping the therapy with Vemlidy may lead to severe exacerbations of hepatitis B. You will require regular blood tests to check your renal function.

Vemlidy 25 mg can lead to a serious disorder known as lactic acidosis. Seek immediate medical assistance if you notice the following symptoms: muscle fatigue, numbness of limbs, breathing difficulty, stomachache, sickness/vomiting, irregular heartbeat, vertigo and exhaustion.

Moreover, Vemlidy 25 mg may cause serious and even life-threatening liver complications. Contact your physician immediately if you notice: sickness, abdominal pain, itchiness, lack of appetite, change in the color of urine, pale stools and jaundice.


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