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Tadalafil 20mg tablets by Shree Venkatesh

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Tablets Vikalis Vx should be taken orally, with a glass of water. The tablet can be taken regardless of food. The average recommended single dose of the remedy is 20 mg. A tablet with the appropriate dosage should be taken no earlier than twenty minutes before the alleged sexual contact. After taking Vikalis Vx, you can try to have sexual intercourse within 36 hours. In this case, it is possible to determine the optimum time during which the effect of the remedy develops. Then the man will be able to choose an individual for himself time for which you need to drink a pill to make successful sexual contact.

You should do not abuse the frequent using of the remedy. It is recommended to take Vikalis Vx not more often than once a day. Elderly people over 65 years of age should take Vikalis Vx in the usual dosages recommended for middle-aged men. That is, you do not need to adjust the dosage of the remedy to men only on the basis of the elderly. If Tadalafil 20 mg s intolerant, dosage can be reduced to 10 mg, 5 mg or 2.5 mg. If there is an urgent need to feel confident, then you can take 40 mg of funds at a time. In this case, remember that 40 mg is the maximum allowable daily dose of the remedy.

The remedy Vikalis Vx increases your sexual intercourse from an hour to two after taking. Vikalis Vx and other forms of Tadalafil and can cause unpleasant sensations. People who have low blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases, Tadalafil Vikalis VX should be taken with caution, after the doctor’s consultation in advance. The fact is that the remedy can lower the pressure after it is taken by the patient. This is usually the result of the interaction of Tadalafil with preparations containing nitrates or nitric oxide.


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