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Malignant tumor, developing in bone tissues and blood, tears up the natural connections of cells of different systems, violates the basic functions of organs. With this work all internal systems develop imbalance of mineral and nutritional metabolism, which leads to the destruction of tissues and cells of the body. Zoledronic acid stops the destruction of bone cells and prevents the spread of cancer cells. This element is the main component of many drugs prescribed for oncological diseases associated with bone tissue.

Such a drug, like Zometa, is the most effective and less toxic compared to other drugs. Zometa shouldn’t be used every day, just one injection once a month. Therefore, the effectiveness, frequency of reception and exposure to bone cells are a significant advantages among other similar means.

Pharmacological action of Zometa 4.

Concentrate Zometa contains a highly effective bisphosphonate, the action of which is based on inhibition of resorption processes in bone tissue. The effect of Zoledronic acid on bone tissue is selective. The substance has an affinity for the tissues of mineralized bones. The preparation does not exert influence on the formation of bones and their mechanical properties. The antitumor activity of the Zometa remedy is also observed. Due to this Zometa increases the effectiveness of therapy of oncological pathologies of bones with metastasis. The remedy has an effect on the microcrystalline matrix structure of the bone, slows the growth of tumor growth due to cytostatic activity. An anti-invasive effect of Zoledronic acid has been found, it has anti-adhesion activity. No affinity for the formed elements of blood in Zoledronic acid was found.

Indications for using of Zometa.

The Zometa is indicated for the purpose when:
– hypercalcemia caused by oncological pathologies;
– preventive therapy of bone fractures of a pathological nature;
– prevention of compression of the spinal column;
– prevention of complications of radiation therapy;
– preventive treatment of post surgical complications;
– prevention of bone mass reduction in mammalous oncological pathologies during the postmenopausal period against the background of therapy with aromatase inhibitors.

Method of application of Zometa.

Infusion with the remedy after dilution is carried out intravenously. Concentrate dilution is carried out 0.1 l. solution or 0.1 l of 5% r-dextrose. Infusion is carried out for 15 minutes.
The cooled solution is not used. Preliminary it should be allowed to warm up naturally to room temperature.

Contraindications of Zometa.

Zometa is not assigned when:
hypersensitivity to bisphosphonates;
– hypersensitivity to Zoledronic acid;
– hypersensitivity to additive components of the concentrate;
– severe renal failure;
– indications in pediatrics;
– indications for pregnant women;
– the testimony of nursing.


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