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Description Afinitor 10 mg 30 tablets.

Afinitor 10 mg No. 30 is an oral preparation that is used in modern oncological practice for targeted therapy of malignant tumors. According to the instruction, the active substance of the remedy is the most recent development of Novartis Pharma – EVEROLIMUSUM.
Everolimus significantly inhibits the growth and development of abnormal cells, the inner layer of blood vessels, fibroblasts and smooth muscle cells of blood vessels. The remedy neutralizes the processes of glycolysis in solid tumors, both under experimental conditions and during clinical trials. The average half-life of the active substance, according to the instructions, is about 30 hours, which guarantees pronounced clinical effectiveness. Products of biotransformation of the remedy are derived mainly with fecal masses, and, in a small amount, with urine. There was no significant difference in the determination of the dosage of the remedy for sexual and age-related symptoms in clinical trials.

Application of the Afinitor 10 mg.

The remedy is effective in kidney carcinoma, with inoperable or prolonged pancreatic cancer, with astrocytoma and some other specific tumors. This is described in more detail in the instructions for the preparation. Clinically proven the effectiveness of treatment of breast cancer in combination, if the previous therapy allowed a relapse or further development of the disease. Chemotherapy by the Afinitor 10 mg should be started and conducted under the supervision of an experienced specialist who has sufficient experience of using anticancer chemotherapy.

Instruction on the application of Afinitor 10 mg

The recommended dose of the remedy Afinitor is 10 mg once a day. Treatment should continue as long as there is a positive clinical effect or negative signs of toxicity begin to appear. The most common side effects with the use of the Afinitor 10 mg are banal infections of various organs, stomatitis, neutropenia and amenorrhea. There is no specific antidote for drug overdose. Treatment of existing side effects is symptomatic. It should be noted frequent complications in the healing of postoperative wounds.


An atypical negative dynamics of healing of postoperative wounds was fixed during the using of the Afinitor 10 mg. Therefore, during the preoperative period and the early postoperative period, the Afinitor 10 mg should be used with caution. One should remember about the possible development of such a specific complication as non-infectious pneumonitis. In this case, carrying out preventive chest radiography and, if necessary, axillary computed tomography of the thoracic organs.


The remedy is not indicated for prescription for pregnant women and nursing mothers. When a generalized fungal infection occurs, the remedy is immediately withdrawn and a specific antifungal treatment is prescribed.


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