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Avana 200 is recommended for men who have a pronounced disorder of erectile function, as well as a decrease in potency. It should be taken in a strict accordance with the recommendations of a doctor. If a man takes simultaneously other drugs, then he should consult with his doctor for the appropriate qualifications of the compatibility of the drugs.

Stimulating drug Avana 200 does not lose its effectiveness in combination with alcohol or fatty foods if, of course, they are moderately combined. The most effective reception of this stimulating agent is within 20-25 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse.
Do not exceed the recommended dose of the drug – 1 tablet per day, as it is fraught not only with a decrease in the effectiveness of its reception, but also with the appearance of unpleasant side effects.

Main features and properties of Avana 200
The main advantage of Avana 200 is improved formula and production methods. In addition, the drug has a number of advantages, among which we can mention:
a persistent sexual arousal after taking the drug, which lasts up to 8 hours;
the effect of taking this stimulant is observed in 20 minutes after use;
taking the drug provides the occurrence of repeated erection after a short period of time;
it increases hardness and sensitivity of the penis, as well as orgasm;
a convenient form of release – tablets.

In comparison with other drugs, the effect of Avana 200 is provided by the presence of Sildenafil. Interacting with the circulatory system, this active ingredient enhances blood circulation in the pelvic organs. The smooth muscles of the penis are relaxed, filled with blood, resulting in a persistent and prolonged erection.


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