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Cabometyx 40 mg is the trade name for the remedy, it appeared not long ago, but before going on sale, a lot of clinical studies were conducted that showed its positive potential in the fight against a dangerous disease. Thanks to Cabometyx almost three times in patients decreased the likelihood of progression of the tumor process. It is recommended that Cabometyx be purchased by patients who have been diagnosed with progressive medullary thyroid cancer, and metastases have also been detected. But studies have also proven that effective treatment of the following cancers that affect other organs: the kidneys, the prostate, the mammary glands, the ovaries. This pharmacological remedy is used when a combination therapy of melanoma is needed.
The active ingredient of the remedy is Cabozantinib. As a basis, it was chosen, since, in fact, it was a low-molecular inhibitor of tyrosine kinase MET and RET, because the substance was capable of suppressing several pathways of tumor development simultaneously. It can block the endothelial factor of vascular growth II, and hence – inhibit tumor angiogenesis. This is how the affected hearth is affected. Metastases are destroyed, which have already spread to distant organs and tissues.

What you need to know during treatment.

The half-life of Cabometyx 40 mg is about 55 hours. It is deduced with the help of feces – by 55 percent, and urine. The remedy is produced in the form of capsules, dosages of 40. Only the attending physician can determine the desired dosage for an individual patient. Most often, the daily minimum is 60 mg, the maximum is 140 mg. But a certain scheme is prescribed by the doctor, finding out the patient’s body weight and its clinical features. Using of the remedy is necessary only orally as an antitumor remedy. Before taking the medicine, you cannot eat anything two hours before the next capsule intake, and if the medicine is taken after a meal, then only after 60 minutes.

It happens that for some reason the next appointment is missed. In this case, you should not take the missed dose within 12 hours until the next dose. During therapy, there are certain restrictions on the intake of certain products. This is grapefruit, as well as grapefruit juice, and food additives.

The remedy Cabometyx 40 mg is not recommended if the patient has: hypertension and a predisposition to hypertensive crisis; there was a great loss of blood; there was a heart attack; necrosis of the jaw; leukoencephalopathy.


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