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The main active substance in Cometriq 140 mg is Cabozantinib. This remedy has demonstrated high effectiveness in the treatment of cancerous tumors of the thyroid gland of the medullary type, which are characterized by aggressive development and early appearance of metastases. In 2015, the data of the clinical trial of Cometriq were published, according to which scientists also noted its activity in the therapy of renal cancer. A feature of Cabozantinib is its effect on metastatic lesions, including secondary tumor tumors in the bones.

Mechanism of action.

Cometriq 140 mg is a representative of a subgroup of tyrosine kinase inhibitors of two types: MET and RET. This means that this remedy blocks at once two factors of tumor progression. Also noted is the ability of Cabozantinib to suppress the growth of the vascular component of the tumor. Among the additional benefits of this remedy can also be identified as its activity against metastatic lesions of distant organs.

Protocol for the application of Cometriq 140 mg .

The appointment of Cometriq begins with a dose of 140 mg and taken once a day. The specific dosage of the remedy is calculated by the attending physician based on the patient’s body mass data, and also depending on the area of its surface. In addition, the importance of a clinical response to therapy.
When taking Cometriq, simultaneous administration of CYP3A4 isoenzyme inhibitors or inducers should be avoided. The using of the remedy cannot be combined with the taking of grapefruit or grapefruit juice.

Efficiency of using.

In clinical trials Cometriq 140 mg showed an increase in survival rate without progression of the cancer tumor by almost 200%. It was also noted for its effectiveness in the therapy of prostate, breast and ovarian cancer. Now there are additional studies on the using of Cabozantinib in the combined treatment of melanoma, brain cancer and pancreas, as well as non-small cell lung cancer.

Cometriq 140 mg is a cytostatic drug that is used to treat one of the most malignant thyroid cancers – medullary cancer prone to rapid metastasis. This drug was also used to treat kidney cancer. Cometriq effectively fights with metastases, especially in bone tissues.

The mechanism of action of the drug is based on two effects – the suppression of the development of the primary focus and the blocking of angiogenesis, i.e., the growth of blood vessels that feed the tumor. The active ingredient Cabozantinib is an inhibitor of tyrosine kinase. Thus, the drug is able to fight the primary tumor and metastases.

Clinical trials conducted on 350 patients with medullary thyroid cancer in the stage of metastases showed an increase in survival from 4 to 11.5 months and a reduction in a tumor in a third of patients for 15 months.

The use of the drug requires the supervision of a doctor, since the experience of using Cometriq has shown in some cases the development of hemorrhage as a result of perforation of the colon.


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