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The available arsenal of drugs for prostate cancer chemotherapy, which, unfortunately, is very often diagnosed at the stage of metastasis, has been supplemented with the drug Cabozantinib, developed by scientists of the American pharmaceutical company “Exelixis Inc.”.

Cabozantinib is an oral inhibitor of vascular endothelial growth factor 2 (VEGFR2). Patients with various common cancers successfully responded to treatment with this drug. Particularly excellent results were noted in prostate, ovarian and liver cancer.

This compound is a potent inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinase, which allows it to be successfully used to treat an aggressive type of thyroid cancer known as medullary carcinoma. This pathology, as a rule, affects women in the climacteric period and is characterized by rapid growth and a particular malignancy. Without leaving the capsule, carcinoma actively spreads metastases even to distant organs. Cabozantinib is able to suppress the development of such metastases. In addition, it inhibits the growth of the vascular component of cancerous tumors.

Way of use.

This drug is very easy to use. The drug comes in the form of capsules (60 mg). The optimal daily dose is 60 mg of the drug. This is an average measure. You should remember that only the doctor (oncology professional with a wide experience in the treatment of such diseases) can choose the dosage. At that, the health professional should consider not only the degree of development and severity of disease, but also the individual characteristics and parameters of the patient’s body. It is important to consider the possible contraindications in the patient. You should pay special attention to the reaction of your body to this drug.

The drug Cabozantinib 60 mg should be taken once a day. At that, it is important to refuse from eating 2 hours before and 1 hour after the drug intake. It is not recommended to drink grapefruit juice or eat this fruit during the treatment with Cometriq, as it consist the substances able to inhibit the work of cytochrome P450. Besides, you’ll have to refuse from certain drugs that contain CYP3A4 inhibitors.


To prevent the development of adverse reactions, avoid using Cabozantinib 60 mg if you have allergy to cabozantinib, unstable hypertension, high risk of thrombosis and osteolysis. Patients under the age of 18, pregnant and lactating women should refuse from the treatment.


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