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Description of active substance of Deferasirox 500 mg.
Complexing triple ligand with a high affinity for Fe3+ and binding it in the ratio of 2:1. The drug increases the excretion of iron (mostly with feces). It has a low affinity for Zn2+ and Cu2+ and doesn’t reduce their blood concentration.

Interaction with the other active substances of Deferasirox 50 mg.
Treatment should be conducted by the doctors with experience in the treatment of chronic post-transfusional iron overload. It is advisable to take a creatinine blood test twice before the treatment, and every month during the therapy. Adult patients can reduce the daily dose of the drug by 10 mg/kg, if during two consecutive visits the non-progressive hypercreatinemia was more than 50% compared to the average indicators before the treatment and couldn’t be caused by the other reasons. In children, the dose can be reduced to 10 mg/kg, if during two consecutive visits plasma creatinine exceeded the upper bound of the age standard.

In case of progressive increase of creatinine with exceeding the upper bound, the treatment should be discontinued. The decision to resume the therapy is taken depending on the certain clinical situation. It is recommended to control the activity of “liver” transaminases every month. In case of progressive increase in the activity of liver” transaminases, unrelated to the other factors, you should stop the treatment. After establishing the reasons for the changes or normalizing the indicators, you can consider resuming the treatment.

In case of minor or moderate skin rash, you should continue the treatment without correcting the dose. If you notice more pronounced rash, you must stop the therapy with Deferasirox 500 mg.

Before and during the treatment, you should regularly check your hearing and vision (including ophthalmoscopy). In case of hearing or vision impairment, you should consider reducing the dose or stopping the treatment. It is necessary to take a ferritine blood test every month. The treatment should be stopped if the ferritine level is less than 500 mg/l. In children, it is recommended to control the body weight and height every 12 months.


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