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How to use Exjade?

Exjade include an active component called deferasirox. It is an iron chelator, aimed at removing the extra iron from the body (referred to as iron overload).
Exjade is intended for the treatment of overload due to blood transfusions.

Numerous blood transfusions may be necessary in people suffering from different kinds of anaemia (such as thalassaemia, sickle cell disease or myelodysplastic syndromes). However, continuous blood transfusions may lead to an accumulation of extra iron. This is due to the fact that blood contains iron, and the human body can’t remove the extra iron (received during the blood transfusions). With time, the extra iron can harm significant organs (for example, heart or liver). Drugs from the group of iron chelators are intended for removing the extra iron and minimize the risk of it damaging your organs.

This medicine is intended for the treatment of chronic iron overload triggered by frequent blood transfusions in people over the age of six suffering from beta thalassaemia.

Moreover, Exjade is used by the patients with beta thalassaemia major, who can’t use deferoxamine, people suffering from other kinds of anaemias, and in kids under the age of six.

Application protocol.

Exjade 500mg is introduced into the patient’s body by oral route. The standard dosage for starting therapy is 20 mg per 1 kg of body weight. The remedy is taken once a day on an empty stomach, preferably at a fixed time of the day. In the treatment of chronic post-transfusion overdose with iron, the introduction of Exjade 500mg is recommended to be performed after transfusion with 20 or more units of erythrocyte mass. The further scheme of therapy and dosage of the remedy is calculated on the basis of the patient’s body weight and should be as close to the active substance in the whole tablet as possible.

Efficiency of using.

According to the clinical data of the Exjade 500mg, its use, even at the minimum dosage for one year, allowed to control the normal amount of iron in the hepatic cells, as well as the concentration of ferritin in the serum fraction of the blood. In addition, the remedy contributed to the achievement of equilibrium between intake and excretion of iron in those patients who have undergone periodic blood transfusion sessions or other exchange transfusions of blood components.

Interaction with other remedies

Studies devoted to the study of the interaction of Exjade 500mg with other pharmacological agents have not been carried out. However, this remedy is not recommended for use with antacids, which have aluminum in their composition.


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