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Way of use and dosage of Jadenu.

Take the drug orally once a day at least 30 minutes before eating (preferably at the same time).
Chronic post-transfusional iron overload.
You should start the treatment with Jadenu 360 mg after the transfusion of 20 units (about 100 ml/kg) of packed red cells (or more) / if there is a clinical evidence of chronic post-transfusional iron overload (particularly if the ferritine level exceeds 1000 µg/L).

Dosage (100 mg/kg) should be calculated and round to the dose of the whole pill (360 mg).
Initial dosage. The recommended initial daily dose of Jadenu is 360 mg/kg.
The patients who receive the transfusions of more than 14 ml/kg of packed red cells (approximately 4 units of blood a month for adults) can consider taking initial daily dosage of 30 mg/kg to reduce the ferritine level in blood.

The patients receiving less than 7 ml/kg/month of packed red cells (about 2 blood units a month for adults) who need to maintain the right concentration of iron in blood, should take the initial daily dose of 10 mg/kg.

In the patients with good clinical results against a background of Deferoxamine treatment, the initial dosage of Jadenu 360 mg should be 50% from the previous used dose of deferoxamine (particularly in the patients receiving 40 mg/kg of deferoxamine 5 days a week or an equivalent capacity), which is 20 mg/kg/day.

Selection of dosage. The patients should control the ferritine level every month and (if necessary) correct the dose of Jadenu 360 mg every 3–6 months, based on the changes in the ferritine level. The dose should be corrected gradually (by 5–10 mg/kg). The dosage correction depends on the individual effectiveness of treatment and therapeutic tasks (maintain or reduction of iron in blood). If the dose of 30 mg/kg proves ineffective (ferritine level is maintained at ≥2500 µg/L), it should be increased to 40 mg/kg. You shouldn’t exceed the dose of 40 mg/kg, as the experience with the use of higher doses is limited.

After achieving the target concentration of ferritine serum (usually from 360 to 1000 µg/L), patients should consider the gradual (by 5–10 mg/kg) reduction of drug dosage to maintain the concentration of ferritine level within this target range.


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