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How Eloxatin 100mg affects the body.

The remedy Eloxatin is an antitumor pharmaceutical that belongs to the group of alkylating chemical compounds and is a derivative of platinum. The remedy has a wide range of antitumor activity.

At the heart of the antitumor activity lies the blocking of the reactions of synthesizing nucleic acids, which are required for the processes of cell division of malignant neoplasm, which leads to a slow progression of the pathological process, and even partial regression.

The using of the remedy Eloxatin not only slows the growth of the tumor, but also delays or prevents the emergence of such formidable complications as metastasis.
The cytotoxic effect of Eloxatin is very pronounced. Moreover, the antitumor effect in combination with fluorouracil significantly increases, as these remedies enter into a synergistic interaction.

With the help of remedy Eloxatin, oncological diseases of the large intestine are most often treated. In some cases, the remedy is used as a second-line remedy for malignant tumors of the ovaries.
After the introduction into the body, the active substance (oxaliplatin) undergoes intensive systemic metabolization. Plasma concentrations are about 6 times lower than tissue concentrations.
The half-life of the active substance of the Eloxatin solution is about five days. Excretion processes are mainly associated with excretory system activity (with urine). With a chair, no more than 3 percent of the active component is excreted.

Indications for using of Eloxatin 100mg.

In Eloxatin testimony, his instructions for using include the following cases:
Colon cancer as a means for conducting adjuvant therapy;
Colorectal cancer in disseminated form;
Ovarian cancer, as a second-line remedy.
Before the application, the diagnosis of malignant formation should receive a histological confirmation. For this, a biopsy procedure is usually performed, in which the surgeon extracts a part of the tumor with subsequent microscopy.

Contraindications for the using of Eloxatin 100mg.

In contra-indications Eloxatin abstract introduced the following cases:
Severe myelosuppression;
Age is less than 18 years;
Peripheral neuropathy;
Intolerance to oxaliplatin;
Lactation period (lactation).

Application and dosage of Eloxatin 100mg.

The dosage regimen of the antitumor remedy, the features of the administration, as well as the duration of the treatment measures depend on the diagnosis and severity of the disease. For example, in colon cancer, patients are treated with 85 mg per square meter of skin. The procedure is carried out once in two weeks and on average consists of 12 cycles. Mode of administration is intravenous.
With disseminated colorectal cancer, the dosage corresponds to what was previously sounded, but unlike colon cancer, treatment is performed until signs of tumor regression or unacceptable toxicity appear.


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