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Pharmacological action of the remedy.

An antineoplastic remedy, a derivative of platinum, in its molecular structure, platinum atoms forms a chemical complex with oxalate. This active substance is considered an enantiomer. It exhibits a large spectrum of cytotoxic or antitumor activity in a variety of tumor models.
The instrument of action is due to the interaction of Eloxatin 50mg with human DNA by forming small bridges with further suppression of DNA synthesis in the body.
Medicinal form of the remedy Eloxatin 50mg.
Lyophilized light powder for injection.

Indications of Eloxatin 50mg.

Colorectal cancer (monotherapy);
ovarian cancer;
metastatic cancer combined therapy with fluoropyrimidines.

Contraindications to the using of Eloxatin 50mg.

peripheral neuropathy;
obvious violations of kidney function;
carrying a child;
the period of breastfeeding;
high sensitivity to oxaliplatin or other components of the remedy.

Dosage regimen of Eloxatin 50mg.

Eloxatin 50mg is prescribed only to adults for 3-6 hours.
The recommended allowable dose is 130 mg / m2 every 3 weeks.
When used in combination with fluoropyrimidines, this remedy should be administered earlier than fluoropyrimidines.
Doses of the remedy are corrected in case of tolerability. When Eloxatin 50mg is administered, it is not necessary to perform hyperhydration.
In patients with obvious renal failure, Eloxatin 50mg is likely to use only 130 mg / m2 every 3 weeks.

Interaction of Eloxatin 50mg with other remedies.

Previously, there was no evidence of rapid binding of oxaliplatin to proteins in the blood with the use of the remedy with granisetron, erythromycin, paclitaxel, salicylates, sodium valproate.
When Eloxatin 50mg is administered in combination with 5-fluorouracil, a synergistic effect is often observed.

Pharmaceutical interaction of the remedy Eloxatin 50mg.

Do not use an injection material that contains aluminum. The remedy should not be combined with alkaline solutions.
It is not permitted in any case to mix and use the remedy at once with the remaining medicines in the same vial. Immediately after the administration of Eloxatin 50mg, the diffuse system must be rinsed.

Conditions for storage of Eloxatin 50mg.

The medication should only be stored at room temperature. The shelf life is three years.
Dissolved medication is allowed to be stored for 48 hours in a vial.
The infusion solution can be stored for 24 hours.


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