Oxaliplatin 50mg


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Description of Oxaliplatin 50mg.

Oxaliplatin belongs to the anti-tumor drugs from the group of platinum derivatives. A special feature of this formula is that the atom of platinum comes in combination with oxalate and 1,2- diaminocyclohexane.
Way of use of Oxaliplatin 50mg.
Oxaliplatin is administered intravenously in the form of 2-6-hour infusions. Hyper hydration before infusion isn’t required. The drug can be used only by adults.

Effectiveness of Oxaliplatin 50mg.

Oxaliplatin have proved the high efficiency in the patients with colorectal cancer (CRC), both during the adjuvant therapy and in palliative treatment. There are data on the usefulness of primary prescription of this drug in the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer. The combination of Oxaliplatin with fluorouracil (FU) (infusion introduction) and folic acid have shown high effectiveness during the first and second course of chemotherapy in the patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. The use of drug for the adjuvant therapy of CRC of the II – III stage reduces the risk of relapse and increase the life expectancy of the patients.

Indications for use of Oxaliplatin 50mg.

Adjuvant therapy of CRC (III stage), prescribed after the radical surgical treatment. It is used in combination with 5FU and folic acid.

Disseminated form of CRC. In this case, Oxaliplatin can be used both as a monotherapy and as a part of complex chemotherapy with 5FU and folic acid.

Contraindications to the use of Oxaliplatin 50mg

Intolerance to platinum derivatives
Mielosupression – less than 2×109/l of granulocytes or 100×109/l of platelets (before the beginning of treatment).
Peripheral neuropathy (with functional impairments) before the first course of chemotherapy.
Severe kidney dysfunction.
Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Age to 18 years.

Oxaliplatin 50mg should be taken with caution if you have:

Liver failure.
Lactose intolerance and lactase deficiency.
Glucose-galactose malabsorption.
Side reactions of Oxaliplatin 50mg.
Oxaliplatin causes the same side reactions as the other platinum derivatives (diarrhea, sickness and vomiting). It can also lead to the undesirable reactions from the blood-forming organs (such as neuro- and thrombocytopenia). The neurological responses include peripheral neuropathy, whose severity depends on the dose and the duration of treatment.


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