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Genegra is the drug, used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (or in other words, impotency) in men. Moreover, Genegra helps a lot of men with erectile dysfunction to achieve erection and maintain it during the sexual arousal.

If the man can’t achieve erection, he should take this medication. Genegra helps men suffering from erectile dysfunction to achieve erection (but only in the presence of sexual arousal). This drug allows every person to deal with the potency problems, caused by stress or any other negative effects.

Each strip contains 25 mg of the active component Sildenafil, as well as the other support components. 25 mg of Sildenafil is usually prescribed to the patients, for which the high doses of this active substance will have negative effect, or to the men using such drugs for the first time. 25 mg of Sildenafil is a relatively small dosage; therefore, it shouldn’t cause any negative consequences.

Genegra is available in the forms of strips with mint taste. Put one strip into the mouth 30-40 minutes before sex and wait a few minutes until the drug is dissolved. Sildenafil goes right into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes, reducing the time before the beginning of action to a few minutes.

There are no obvious side effects from the use of Genegra, but in a few cases it can cause: headache, back pain, vertigo, sickness and face reddening. However, the side effects usually go away within minutes.


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