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Generic Atripla represents a combination of three drugs: efavirenz, tenofovir and emtricitabine. These are antiretroviral drugs, used for the prevention of HIV from replicating.

Atripla is intended for the treatment of HIV, which in turn can lead to the development of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Keep in mind that this drug can’t cure AIDS or HIV.

Generic Atripla can be used by adult people and kids over the age of 12.

How to use this drug?

The common dose of Atripla is 1 pill taken orally (once a day). This drug must be taken without eating.

Taking this drug before sleep can reduce some of the adverse effects.

The drug dosage depends on the patient’s personal characteristics, including body weight, associated diseases and other drugs you’re taking. The dose should be determined by your physician. Avoid changing the dosage without your doctor’s approval.

It is essential to use this drug strictly according to the doctor’s prescriptions. Otherwise, the amount of virus in your body may enhance, and the virus can become resistant to this drug.
A lot of medications can interact with Atripla, which is why they must not be taken together. Inform your physician about all the drugs you’re taking during the treatment with Atripla.

Generic Atripla can lead to the development of a severe disease called lactic acidosis. Seek immediate medical assistance if you notice the following symptoms: pain the muscles, muscle fatigue, numbness in the limbs, breathing problems, stomachache, sickness/vomiting, increased heartbeat, vertigo and extreme weakness.

Moreover, this drug can lead to serious liver disorders. Contact your doctor immediately if you notice the following symptoms: sickness, abdominal pain, itchiness, lack of appetite, change in the color of urine, pale stools and icterus (yellow skin and eyes).

Generic Atripla can lead to the development of congenital defects. Avoid using this drug if you’re pregnant, and don’t plan pregnancy for at least 3 months after stopping the treatment. Try to use the safest birth control methods to avert pregnancy. Hormonal contraceptives (such as oral contraceptives, vaginal rings or skin patches) may not be sufficiently effective to avert pregnancy during the treatment with Atripla. Continue using barrier contraceptives during the therapy and for about 3 months after finishing it.

The human immunodeficiency virus can be transmitted to your child if you don’t receive proper treatment during pregnancy. Take your HIV drugs strictly according to the instructions to keep your infection in check.

Women suffering from HIV/AIDS must not breastfeed their children, as the virus can get into the breast milk and infect a newborn.


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