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Lenalidomide 5mg (branding of the generic product – Lenalid from the Indian firm Natco Pharma) is a representative of a new class of antitumor immunomodulators, has an immunomodulating and anti-angiogenic effect. Since 2012 is included in the list of VED. It is part of the world standards of medical care for patients with myeloma and other malignant plasma-cell neoplasms, as well as supporting therapy after bone marrow transplantation. The main actions of Lenalid 5mg are antitumor, antiangiogenic, immunomodulating. Lenalid 5mg cannot be called a chemotherapeutic remedy, it belongs to a group of remedies that have a directional molecular effect. The remedy does not guarantee full recovery, however it can increase the frequency of the onset of remission of the disease, and also accelerate the rate of its onset. In combination with other remedies, Lenalidomide improves overall survival, reducing the rate of myeloma progression. Such data are the result of numerous studies conducted by different groups of scientists based on a comparison of the effect of placebo combinations with Dexamethasone and Lenalidomide with Dexamethasone on patients with refractory or relapsing multiple myeloma.

Indications for using Lenalid 5mg:

– Multiple myeloma, which is a malignant disease of the blood. The onset of the disease is just one mutated cell that quickly divides, creating a group of abnormal cells that have the same defect. The course of the disease is characterized by uncontrolled division of plasma cells and their subsequent accumulation in the bone marrow. The result of the development of the disease is a thickening of the blood, damage to the bones, a general weakening of the body.
– Anemia in patients who are dependent on blood transfusion caused by myelodysplastic syndrome in chromosomal rearrangements and concomitant loss of part of the chromosome. Anemia is characterized by a lack of red blood cells.

– Mantle cell lymphoma – a unique subspecies of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
– When bone marrow transplantation is used as maintenance therapy.

In its essence, Lenalid 5mg influences the immune system, helps it produce normal blood cells, destroying atypical ones found in the bone marrow. Properties of Lenalid 5 mg should be used with an accurate calculation of the risk-to-benefit ratio, because this drug has some contraindications, and can also cause undesirable effects.


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