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Pomalid 4 mg is the first generic option of the medication called Pomalidomide. Pomalidomide is categorized as an “immunomodulatory drug with anti-cancer activity”. The drug is produced by “Natco Pharma Limited”, which is considered one of the best Indian pharmaceutical firms. Pomalid is a prescription anti-cancer drug, which can be bought only on the prescription of oncologist.

Pomalid is regarded as an immunomodulatory drug, which acts by impeding the growth of new blood vessels in cancer, improving the condition of the immune system, or reducing the release of cytokines. Moreover, Pomalidomide has different effects on the patient’s immunity, The drug can affect the production and activity of cytokines (cancer growth factors), responsible for the growth and survival of specific tumor cells.

How does this drug act?

Pomalid 4mg belongs to the group of drugs called “immunomodulatory drugs”. It acts by helping the bone marrow to release healthy blood cells and by destroying the ill cells in the bone marrow.
The use of Pomalidomide can lead to the dangerous congenital defects and cause a death of a baby if one of parents is taking this drug during conception or pregnancy. Even a single dose of pomalidomide can cause the development severe birth defects. Avoid using Pomalidomide during pregnancy.

How to use Pomalid 4 mg?

Always follow the recommendations of your doctor. Avoid changing the dose or taking the drug longer than necessary. Pomalidomide should be taken in a 4-week treatment cycle. Some patients have to use this drug only during the first 21 days of every cycle. Your health care professional will define the duration of treatment. Take a pill with a full glass of liquid at the same time every day (irrespective of the mealtime). Try to swallow the pill whole instead of crushing or chewing it. Keep in mind that the drug shouldn’t contact your face or skin. If this happens, wash the affected area with soap and water. Ask your physician how to safely handle and dispose of a broken capsule.

Contraceptives: the action of Pomalid 4 mg is similar to that of thalidomide. It may lead to the dangerous congenital defects. Therefore, it is important to use the safe contraceptives throughout the treatments and for a month afterwards.

Pomalidomide can be found in the sperm of men using this drug. Exposure to the drug in this manner may cause congenital defects, stillbirths and abortion for his partner. It is essential to use condoms during the whole treatment cycle and for about a month after withdrawing the drug.

For women using Pomalid 4 mg, your health care professional must perform pregnancy tests on a regular basis throughout the treatment.


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