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Rivaroxaban 20 mg impedes the formation of blood clots. This drug acts by inhibiting a substance, responsible for the formation of blood clots, referred to as factor Xa. As a consequence, the blood may not be entirely pumped out of the upper chambers, which makes the development of blood clot possible. You can be at a high risk of a stroke if the clot shifts from the heart and ends up inside the brain. However, by blocking a compound, essential for the blood clotting (called fibrin), this drug can help protect you from blood clots. In addition, it can be used for the treatment of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE).

In some cases, the blood clots can develop in the veins on your feet, brain or heart, lungs and lead to the blockage. This often happens in the patients having specific kinds of surgery, and those with an increased heart rate. For many years, a drug called Warfarin has been generally used for the treatment and prevention of blood clotting. However, patients using warfarin should do the blood tests on a regular basis to see how fast their blood clots. This often means that the drug dosage can change quite often. Rivaroxaban 20 mg acts a bit differently than Warfarin. Therefore, patients using Rivaroxaban don’t have to do the blood tests on a regular basis.

Rivaroxaban comes in the form of pills, each of which includes 20 mg of the active component. Your health care professional will define the dose depending on your individual characteristics. Doctors may prescribe adult people using this drug to reduce the risk of stroke caused by AF (atrial fibrillation) and whose creatinine clearance exceeds 50ml/min one 20mg pill a day during the dinner. The recommended dose for other diseases may vary. In this case, you should stick to the recommendations of your doctor. Avoid exceeding the daily dose.

Be careful using Rivaroxaban 20 mg

This drug can cause a serious blood clot, which may lead to paralysis if you’re given an epidural (spinal anesthesia). Some people may be at a higher risk of this because of their medical conditions. People suffering from AF (atrial fibrillation) may be at a higher risk of a stroke after stopping the therapy with this drug. Inform your doctor about this before starting the therapy.
Get immediate medical assistance if you notice any symptoms of allergic response: for example, skin rashes, urticaria, swollen face, breathing and swallowing problems.


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