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Sildenafil 120mg tablets by Dharam Distributors

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Sildigra 120 is a unique novelty from the famous Indian manufacturer “Delta Enterprises”. The drug is developed on the basis of famous Viagra, which is why it repeats its pharmacological success and has similar curative effect on the male body. Male enhancement pills, represented by the company “Delta Enterprises”, correspond to the world standards of effectiveness and safety.

As well as Viagra, Sildigra 120 contains Sildenafil citrate. However, this drug has 120 mg of active substance. It’s an increased dosage that can be taken only after the consultation with your doctor. Sildigra 120 is a valid replacement, the generic of Viagra, recommended to the men with erectile dysfunctions of organic or psychological nature.

Soft but targeted correction of natural processes taking place in the male body during sexual stimulation, relaxes the blood vessels of penis, which leads to the active filling of cavernous bodies with blood. As a result, you achieve stable erection for providing sexual contact that provides several sexual acts.

Take the pill orally with a glass of water 30-50 minutes before intimacy. In the presence of adequate sexual stimulation, erection comes 40-50 minutes after the drug intake. The result persist over 4-5 hours. During this time, the men can forget about his problem, and enjoy the sensual pleasures. Sildigra 120 can’t be combined with alcohol, and the food consumption must be limited to maintain the effectiveness of Sildenafil.


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