Taxotere 120mg


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Description of the remedy.

Taxotere 120mg is used to treat tumorous diseases.
The active substance is docetaxel trihydrate (in 1 ml of the remedy contains 120 mg of docetaxel trihydrate). It is available as a concentrate for a solution for infusions (droppers), in dosages of two types: 20 mg and 100 mg, packaged in vials.
The substance of docetaxel is obtained from natural raw materials (biomass from needles of European yew).

Taxotere is a drug from the category of those medicines that allow to deal with complex health problems, not excluding also extremely complicated.
In particular, the drug is created for those who suffer from breast cancer, which should be operable as “with” and “without” lesions of the lymph nodes. Additional therapy with drugs should not be carried out by those patients who are already a step away from chemotherapy. In addition, the doctor will always pay attention to the stage of cancer. It is sometimes better to give supportive therapy to a person who already has no chance and give him a little more time than to immediately strike at the immune system, which only worsens the condition.

Taxotere is often used in combination with other medicines. In particular, Doxorubicin is widely believed to be a very popular “partner” of the drug, which is designed to treat patients with breast cancer with pronounced metastases. Previously, patients had to receive so-called cytotoxic chemotherapy if the doctor decided on such a step and appointed Taxotere.

Instruction for using of Taxotere 120mg.

Taxotere 120mg is administered intravenously, the duration of one infusion is one hour, the break between courses is 3 weeks. To reduce the hypersensitivity to the remedy and fluid retention in the body, prior to the initiation of therapy, preliminary medical treatment of the patient for treatment is carried out. The dosage of Taxotere 120mg depends on the specific nature of the disease, as well as on its using in monotherapy (the using of one remedy) or for combined treatment (the using of several remedies). Possible adjustments in the dose of the remedy if the patient has a significant reduction in neutrophils or problems with the functioning of the liver.

Indications of Taxotere 120mg:

ovarian carcinoma;
non-small cell lung cancer;
mammary cancer.

Contraindications of Taxotere 120mg:

Hypersensitivity to any of the components of the remedy;
a decreased number of neutrophils (neutropenia);
disorders in the functioning of the liver;
period of pregnancy and lactation.


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