Tigecycline 50mg


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Drug description

Tigecycline 50 mg Injection is an antibiotic, intended for the treatment of infections in the stomach, lungs or skin. This drug must not be used on a regular basis unless it is absolutely necessary. The medication may lead to the teeth discoloration in kids. Moreover, it can enhance the risk of sunburns.
How should you use Tigecycline 50?
Tigecycline is used in the form of intravenous injection through an IV. You can do it either in hospital or at home. Don’t make it on your own if you don’t know how to use the injection and the equipment for IV therapy.

Tigecycline is generally received once every twelve hours. Always follow your doctor’s prescriptions. The drug must be introduced slowly, and every IV infusion can last up to 1 hour.

Tigecycline is a powder drug that should be mixed with a liquid (diluent) in a special bag before using. If you’re treated at home, make sure that you know how to mix and store the drug.
Adverse effects

Seek immediate medical assistance if you notice symptoms of an allergy to Tigecycline : skin rash; breathing problems and face swelling.

Contact your physician immediately if you notice:

abdominal pain, blood in stool;

high intracranial pressure– head pain, tinnitus, vertigo, sickness, vision impairment, eye pain;

pancreas disorders –stomach- and backache, sickness/vomiting, increased heart;

liver diseases – sickness, abdominal pain, itchiness, exhaustion, lack of appetite, change in the color of urine, pale stools, icterus (yellowish pigmentation of the skin).

Don’t use Tigecycline 50 mg if you have allergy to tigecycline.

To assure your safety, inform your physician if:

you suffer from liver dysfunction;

you take anticoagulants (for example, Jantoven or Warfarin);

you have allergy to a tetracycline antibiotics (including minocycline, doxycycline, etc).

Unfortunately, the use of Tigecycline 50 mg was fatal for many patients. In most cases, deaths were caused infection complications or other health problems. It is unknown whether tigecycline can lead to death. Discuss the risks and advantages of Tigecycline 50 therapy with your doctor.

Avoid using Tigecycline during pregnancy, as it can harm the fetus or lead to the permanent tooth staining. Use the efficient contraceptives and inform your doctor at once if you got pregnant during the therapy.

Tigecycline can reduce the effectiveness of contraceptives. Ask your physician about using non-hormonal contraceptive methods to avert pregnancy during the treatment with Tigecycline .

It is unknown whether this medication can get into the breast milk or if it can affect a newborn. Inform your physician if you are lactating a baby.

Tigecycline must not be given to children. The medication can lead to the tooth discoloration in kids under the age of 8.


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