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Tygacil 50mg is an antibiotic that belongs to the tetracycline group. It is based on the substance tigecycline, and the agent itself is the first in the group of glycylcyclines.
The remedy fights against infections that arise from pathogens (gram-positive and gram-negative, anaerobic and aerobic), in particular intracellular bacteria. Tygacil 50mg is prescribed for soft tissue and skin lesions in a complicated version, intra-abdominal infectious diseases with complications and for pneumonia of the community type.
The remedy is produced in vials in the form of lyophilizate. It is a powder or porous mass of a saturated orange color, from which a solution is prepared. Enter it drip intravenously.

When Tygacil 50mg is prescribed.

Tygacil 50mg has proven effective in the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia. He successfully copes with infectious diseases of soft tissues and skin. In addition, the remedy is prescribed for the development of intra-abdominal infections in humans – diseases that occur when penetrating pathogens in the abdominal cavity, considered sterile. Such diseases can be accompanied by complications – when the inflammation covers the abdominal cavity, retroperitoneal space, causes sepsis or peritonitis.

Benefits of Tygacil-50mg.

Tygacil 50mg successfully suppresses multiresistant bacteria – microorganisms that do not perceive the effects of “old” antibiotics – penicillin and other groups. Compared to vancomycin and aztreonam, the remedy has fewer side effects, patients rarely give up therapy because of worsening of the condition. Discomfort during treatment in the vast majority of cases is not life-threatening.
Tygacil 50mg can be prescribed to people with kidney failure. It is not necessary to change the dose due to this condition. The remedy is easily dosed, it is easy to use. The product can be prescribed to children older than eight years.

Description of the remedy Tygacil-50mg.

The agent that has discovered the glycylcycline group and belongs to the tetracycline group has been developed to combat bacterial infections. Tygacil 50mg successfully copes with the treatment of nosocomial pneumonia, intra-abdominal infections with complications, infectious diseases of soft tissues and skin.


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