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The active substance of the composition is dolutegravir. It belongs to the pharmacological group of antiviral agents. Tivicay 50mg is used as an integral part of complex antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection in adult patients, as well as in children over 12 years old weighing more than 40 kg.

Mechanism of action

Tivicay 50mg blocks the activity of the viral enzyme integrase, which plays an important role in the replication of the nucleic acids of the virus. Due to this, the remedy is able to slow down the multiplication of viral particles.

Protocol for the application of Tivicay 50mg

Tivicay 50mg is available in tablet form and is intended for oral usage. If the patient does not have resistance to integrase inhibitors, then the standard dosage of the remedy is 50 mg that taken once a day. When using complex treatment with other antiviral remedies, dosage of Tivicay-50mg can be doubled. If the patient is suspected of having resistance to integrase inhibitors, Tivicay-50mg immediately begins with a dose of 50 mg two times a day. Combinations with other antiretroviral pharmacological agents are not used.

Efficiency of taking

Clinical trials of Tivicay-50mg as a monotherapy statistically significantly demonstrated its ability to suppress viral activity. The researchers paid special attention to the speed of the effect of the remedy, as well as on the direct dependence of the severity of its effect on the dosage used.


allergic reactions to dolutegravir, as well as any other components that make up Tivicay-50mg;
the patient’s age is less than 12 years in combination with his body weight not exceeding 40 kg;
insufficiency of hepatic functions in severe form

Interaction of Tivicay 50mg with other remedies

Today a large number of special studies have been conducted on the interaction of Tivicay-50mg with other pharmacological agents. As a result, no clinically significant effects were found. However, it is not recommended to use this remedy with dofetilide.

Clinical researches

Approximately 36.7 million people worldwide live with HIV-1. There is no remedy for complete cure for HIV. The efficacy of Tivicay-50mg was studied in two 48-week, randomized, double-blind phase III studies compared with efavirenz. 87% of patients responded to treatment for Tivicay-50mg, that indicates the promise of its taking. In this case, the remedy has an improved safety profile and tolerability.
After the results of the clinical trials, Tivicay-50mg was approved as a highly active antiretroviral therapy for the treatment of HIV-infected patients who had not previously received treatment.


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