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Jakafi 20 mg (Ruxolitinib ) is remedy related to the pharmacological group of antitumor agents. The active substance of Jakafi 20 mg is the component of Ruxolitinib. This substance blocks JAK-kinases that function as a signal transmitter from cancer cells and growth factors, which is an important mechanism in the development and growth of a malignant tumor. Due to the fact that Ruxolitinib inhibits the activity of kinases, the process of growth of tumor formation is inhibited. On our forum you can find the remedy Jakafi 20 mg (Ruxolitinib), and both doctors and patients who have already used the medicine.

Who needs to use the medicine?

As reported to the remedy Jakafi 20 mg instruction, this tool is recommended for use to patients suffering from an increase in the spleen with myelofibrosis. Today the remedy is approved by the American and European associations for the control of the quality of remedies, and therefore the remedy is actively used to treat tumor formations. You can take Jakafi 20 mg tablets in both primary and secondary myelofibrosis.

Protocol for the using of the remedy Jakafi 20 mg

To the preparation Jakafi 20 mg instructions for use indicate that you must take the medicine inside, do not correlate with the reception of the medicine with meals. Dosage in each case is determined individually and depends on how much platelets are contained in the patient’s blood. For this reason, the choice of dosage is possible only after a blood test. Depending on the volume of platelets, there are three regimens for taking medication:

• Twice a day for 15 mg of medication in the case that the amount of platelets is in the limit of 100-200 times 10 in the ninth degree.
• If the number of units of transparent cells is more than 200×109, the dosage is increased to 20 mg, twice a day.
• In the case where the platelet count is in the range of 50 to 100, multiplied by 10 in the ninth degree, it is recommended to start taking the remedy from 5 mg twice a day.

In some cases, the doctor can adjust the dosage depending on the patient’s condition. The maximum allowable dose is 25 mg of active substance twice a day, this amount of medicine cannot be exceeded. During the first month of treatment, the specialists of our forum do not recommend increasing the dosage. Since the treatment continues until the positive clinical response remains, Jakafi 20 mg is recommended immediately with a reserve.

Who should not take the medicine?

Since the price is not small for the preparation Jakafi 20 mg (Ruxolitinib), it is necessary to study contraindications and side effects before buying, and also consult with the attending physician. It is forbidden to take medicine for:
• Women in a state of pregnancy, as well as young mothers who are breastfeeding.
• Patients under the age of 18 years.
• People who are intolerant of certain components of the medicine.

Jakafi 20 mg is a drug that suppresses the vital activity of atypical cells due to its active substance – Ruxolitinib. The drug is used mainly for the treatment of certain types of myelofibrosis. Refers to a group of antitumor drugs, a class of protein kinase inhibitors.

Special instructions and precautions

It is necessary to monitor the hematologic parameters of the patient throughout the entire intake of Jakafi 20 mg.

When using Jakafi 20 mg, you should use reliable contraceptives to avoid teratogenic effects on the child in the event of a possible pregnancy.

Elderly patients may be more prone to side effects, so this category of patients should be observed especially carefully.

For the duration of treatment with Jakafi 20 mg, patients should be reluctant to drive and operate due to the symptoms of increased fatigue and dizziness.


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