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Mechanism of action.

Jakavi 20 mg belongs to the group of Janus- kinase inhibitors. These enzymes participate directly in the stimulation of haemopoesis and the functioning of immune system. In case of myelofibrosis, the function of JAK-kinases breaks down and they start activating the replication of cancer cells. By inhibiting their pathological effect, Jakavi impedes the development of tumor.

Jakavi Ruxolitinib 20mg is maily used for the treatment of myelofibrosis (uncommon bone marrow cancer). It belongs to the group of drugs known as kinase inhibitors. The medication acts by impeding a protein that makes a scar tissue to form in the bone marrow.

It is intended for the treatment of patients with spleen enlargement and other signs of myelofibrosis, a rare bone marrow cancer. Moreover, the drug aims at controlling the amount of erythrocytes in the blood in patients suffering from polycythemia vera (after the failure of other drugs).

Way of use.

Jakavi is taken orally irrespective of the mealtime. The standard initial dosage is determined depending on the platelet count. If it doesn’t exceed 100×109/l, you should take 5 mg of Jakavi twice a day. If your platelet count is within the limits of 100-200×109/l, you should take 15 mg of the drug twice a day. If the platelet count exceeds 200×109/l, you should take 20 mg of the drug twice a day. Treatment with Jakavi should last until the achievement of the positive clinical effect.

Effectiveness of use.

The results of clinical studies of Jakavi 20 mg demonstrated that this drug can normalize hematocrit in many more patients that in the comparison group. Besides, almost 50% of the patients receiving this treatment demonstrated the reduction in the intensity of symptoms by 50%, while the patients from the comparison group showed the same result only in 5% of cases.

Interactions with the other drugs.

Jakavi 20 mg shouldn’t be combined with ketoconazole, as well as the derivatives and chemical analogs of this drug. Besides, you should be careful when mixing Jakavi with the other drugs that represent the active metabolites of P-glycoprotein. At that, the patient requires close medical supervision.


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