Ruxolitinib 20mg


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Reasons for prescribing this drug

Ruxolitinib falls within the class of drugs called antineoplastics (anti-tumor drugs). To be specific, it is a protein kinase inhibitor.

It is intended for the treatment of patients with a spleen enlargement and other signs of myelofibrosis, an uncommon marrow bone cancer. Moreover, it is also used to control the amount of erythrocytes in the blood in patients suffering from polycythemia vera (after the failure of the other drugs).

Myelofibrosis is a chronic disorder that develops—or worsens—with time. By taking Ruxolitinib as prescribed by your Healthcare Professional, you can keep receiving the advantages of this drug. Once the therapy with Ruxolitinib is ceased, the spleen is anticipated to increase again, and the signs can return. The signs of disease may return in about a week.

Dosage and way of use.

Your physician will tell you how to use Ruxolitinib 20 mg; he/she will also calculate the dose based on the results of blood tests that will define the platelet count in the patient’s blood. If it varies from 100 to 200 *109/l, you should take 15 mg twice a day. If the indicators exceed 200 *109/l, the dose should be 20 mg. If the platelet count varies from 50 to 100 *109/l, the initial dosage must not exceed 5 mg twice a day.

According to the doctor’s reviews about Ruxolitinib, the maximum dosage must not exceed 25 mg twice a day. The drug can be taken before or after the meal. If for some reason you skipped the pill, don’t take the double dose. It is also not recommended to shift the time of the next intake.
During the treatment with Ruxolitinib 20 mg, you should control the amount of its components (platelets, erythrocytes and leukocytes) by means of blood test. Laboratory research should be conducted 1-2 times a month (during the dosage selection, and then depending on the indicators).


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