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Myelofibrosis is a blood (myeloproliferative) disease, characterized by moderate to severe anemia, different changes in peripheral blood, liver and other organs, bone marrow fibrosis and splenetic myeloid metaplasia.
Ruxolitinib is an innovative drug, used for the treatment of neoplasms. It is produced in Switzerland. The drug is very popular among the doctors and patients suffering from neoplasms.

Way of use of Ruxolitinib 15mg

Ruxolitinib 15mg is taken orally (irrespective of the mealtime). The standard initial dose is defined by the platelet count in the patient’s blood. Treatment with Ruxolitinib 15mg must continue until you achieve the positive clinical effect.

Effectiveness of use

The results of clinical trials of Ruxolitinib 15mg showed that this drug could normalize hematocrit in much more patients that in the control group. Besides, almost half of the patients receiving this treatment demonstrated the reduction in the intensity of symptoms by 50%, while the patients from the control group noticed the same result only in 5% of cases.

Ruxolitinib 15mg, produced by the Swiss pharmaceutical company “Novartis” showed positive results in the III phase clinical trials, where it was studied as a medication for the treatment of polycythemia vera. Ruxolitinib 15mg represents oral inhibitor of JAK1/ JAK2.

The trial involved 222 patients with polycythemia vera that can’t be treated with hydroxyurea. Half of the participants took 10 mg of Ruxolitinib twice a day, and the other half received standard therapy.

77% of patients using the new drug achieved one or two endpoints on the 32nd week of trial. These endpoints were the indicators of hematocrit control (regulation of the number of red blood cells) without the need of venotomia and reduction of spleen. In the group of participants that received standard treatment, this figure was 20%.

Ruxolitinib 15mg must be taken only under the supervision of oncologist. In case of side effects, the patients must suspend the treatment or choose the other medication.


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