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Veenat 400 is a main drug for the treatment of chronic myeloleukosis; therefore, it can be used as a monotherapy. This drug can be used as an auxiliary drug for the treatment of malignant stromal tumors, as it has an accompanying useful effect.

Statistics speaks for itself:

95% of patients achieve full hematologic remission.

76% of patients reach full cytogenetic improvement.

In 93% of cases, the disease doesn’t progress.

The general survival rate is 90%.

In 84% of cases, the relapse doesn’t occur.

The rate of development of severe adverse reactions, which are a cause for drug withdrawal, is 4-5%.

Veenat 400 is a targeted drug; however, this drug can’t be considered absolutely safe, as to date the studies haven’t dealt with some patient categories (which is why they shouldn’t use this drug).
Side effects of Imatinib is an important topic. During the treatment course, you should pay attention to the negative effect of the drug. Every person is individual; reactions to the treatment, initial health indicators and consequences may differ considerably.

It is noteworthy that the presence and intensity of side effects of Veenat depend on the drug dose. Therefore, the patient’s condition requires constant monitoring and analysis.

General recommendations, contained in the instruction for Imatinib:

The drug should be taken orally with meal. Imatinib shouldn’t be taken any liquids other than water.

The dose higher than 600 mg should be divided into two intakes at regular intervals.

The drug isn’t intended for self-medication. All appointments should be made by the qualified doctor. Unauthorized drug withdrawal is forbidden, as well as the reduction of daily dose.

You should constantly monitor the treatment levels. Early detection of insufficient and excessive level of Imatinib in blood will help you react correctly and adjust the dose to avoid undesirable consequences. The patients require full clinical test of peripheral blood, the level of bilirubin and transaminases and the marrow bone examination.

The drug dose depends on many factors, such as: stage of disease, experience of treatment with the other drugs, presence and character of side effects, etc.
Exact reasons for the development of chronic myeloid leukosis are still unknown. There are various theories regarding why the chromosomes mutate in the body. It is good, however, that that the mechanism of disease have already been studied. Therefore, the numerous researches could find the drug that can effectively treat this terrible disease, namely tyrosine kinase inhibitor Veenat 400.

At the moment there are many cases of long remission and improved survival rate of patients (which explains the numerous positive feedbacks about Imatinib).


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