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Gleevec 400 mg is a modern antitumor agent of targeted molecular therapy, which affects specific molecules, which provoke a violation of cellular function and the appearance of the disease.

Mechanism of action

Imatinib in the composition of Gleevec 400 mg inhibits the mutant gene responsible for the oncogenic transformation of cells, which under the action of a mutated enzyme begin to divide uncontrollably, expand and turn into leukemia cells. The drug has a selective effect, that is, aimed at blocking a specific oncoprotein, which is the main cause of leukemic cell transformations.

In the digestive tract Gleevec 400 mg is actively absorbed (bioavailability 98%), then binds with blood proteins, processed in the liver and removed from the body with feces and urine.

Who is recommended to take Gleevec 400 mg

The medicine is effective for the following types of diseases:

– chronic myeloid leukemia in adults and children in the initial stage or after unsuccessful treatment with interferon;
– adult diseases associated with uncontrolled growth of thrombocytes;
some types of mastocytosis;
– diseases associated with a high concentration of eosinophilic cells in the blood and bone marrow;
– acute B-lymphoblastic leukemia in adults in the initial stage (together with chemotherapy), as well as recurrent or refractory (“Gleevec” is used as monotherapy);
some types of stromal tumors of the gastrointestinal tract;
– bulging dermatofibrosarcoma.

How to apply Gleevec 400 mg.

Tablets are taken with food. It is important to drink the dosage form with water. With the appointment of 400-600 mg reception is 1 time / day, and 800 mg – twice a day for 400 mg. The contents of capsules can be diluted in water, apple juice. The resulting suspension is not subject to storage.

The therapy with Gleevec 400 mg is long and lasts until the medicine gives an effect. For example, the minimum course for malignant formations in the digestive tract is three years.

If, in spite of the treatment, the disease progresses, the therapy with this medication should be stopped and other methods tried.
When taking Gleevec 400 mg sometimes there is a need to adjust the daily dose upwards or downwards.

Possible reactions to the drug

Anti-cancer therapy with Gleevec 400 mg is often accompanied by side effects, which due to the characteristics of the disease can sometimes be difficult to connect with a particular drug. The use of imatinib in most cases is tolerated by patients well, and adverse reactions are mild. Most often, patients complain of discomfort in the stomach, nausea, pain and cramps in the muscles, skin rashes. Such manifestations, as a rule, are not dangerous and easily amenable to symptomatic treatment.

Contraindications of Gleevec 400 mg.

Gleevec 400 mg is not prescribed for:
– pregnancy;
– indications in pediatrics in children under 2 years;
hypersensitivity to the active component;
– lactation;
– hypersensitivity to the auxiliary components of the prescribed dosage form.
With caution, the preparation Gleevec 400 mg is prescribed for:
severe hepatic insufficiency;
– hypereosinophilia;
– severe renal failure;
– indications for cardiac patients;
– conduction of hemodialysis.


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