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Imatinib 100 mg is intended for the treatment of certain kinds of leukemia (high numbers of abnormal blood cells) and other tumors and white blood cells disorders. This drug can be used to deal with some kinds of gastrointestinal stromal tumors (tumor of the GI tract) and dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (soft tissue neoplasm) if the surgical intervention is impossible (of after its failure). Imatinib belongs to the group of drugs called kinase inhibitors. It acts by impeding the action of the abnormal protein that promote to the replication of cancer cells.

How to use the drug?

Imatinib 100 mg comes in the form of pill for oral intake. The drug should be taken once a day (after a meal and with a glass of water). Take imatinib at about the same time of the day. Read the drug instruction carefully; if you have any questions, consult your doctor or pharmacist. Take the drug strictly according to the prescription. Avoid changing the dose or frequency of use.

If you can’t swallow the pills, you may dissolver them in a glass of juice or water (50 ml of liquid for 100 mg pill or 100 ml for 400 mg pill). Stir the mixture carefully until the pills dissolve completely and drink it at once. Avoid crushing or breaking the pills.

Drug interactions can change the way your drugs act or enhance your risk for severe adverse effects. This article don’t cover all the drug interactions. Tell your physician about all the prescription/over-the-counter drugs and herbal supplements you use. Avoid stopping the treatment or changing the dose without consulting your doctor.

This drug can delay the removal of other drugs (for example, warfarin) from your body, which can change the way they work.

Imatinib 100 mg is a drug that is considered the standard for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia. The tissues of this malignant disease contain the oncogene BCR-ABL, not found in conventional cells. The gene produces a specific protein called thyrokinase, which promotes reproduction and uncontrolled division of mutated cells. The drug is known as a tyrosine kinase inhibitor.

Imatinib 100 mg is the first remedy, deduced for the target lesion of the protein responsible for the occurrence of leukemia, so doctors describe it as a first-generation drug.


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